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Do I Need a Lawyer After A Car Accident? Yes, You Do.

It’s a question that seems as old as time itself: Do I need a lawyer after a car accident? The answer is yes, you will need a lawyer. While Google can be a useful tool for many things, Google cannot give you the years of experience and education to equal that of a lawyer. A great lawyer knows how to maximize your compensation and take a lot of stress off of you. It comes from years of experience and dealing with the insurance companies, doctors and court systems.

Hiring an attorney will also save you the stress of having to go it alone. Don’t you have enough stress in your life without taking on the highly stressful task of being your own lawyer, which actually won’t save you any money?

Also, and importantly, there are lots of moving pieces involved in legal claims that the average person is unaware of or does not have the skills to handle, which can cause additional stress and mistakes in claim handling.  If a pipe burst in the wall of your house you would call a plumber, right?  If your car breaks down on the side of a freeway miles from anything, you would call for help, right? I know calling for help goes against our nature, particularly men who don’t even like to ask for directions honestly, but sometimes it is the best thing to do.

What can go wrong if you handle your own legal claim?  Well, let’s start with proving pain and suffering. How would the average person go about knowing how to value this part of their claim, or would they even know what it means?  It is more complicated than it sounds; it is a multifaceted component of damages.

Next problem: Setting up further/future treatment(s) as needed and getting the insurance company to pay for it. This sounds simple, except as with anything that sounds simple, it’s a bit complex. Insurance companies will not help you with this.  You have to prove it with adequate medical evidence. Do you know how to do that?

Another problem: getting compensation for lost wages or loss of employment: No insurance company, your own included, will even mention that you are entitled to lost wages or compensation for job loss caused by accident related injuries. You would be shocked how many people do not know this is something they can be compensated for or how to go about calculating the total to be claimed.

But still, can’t I just do it myself to save money? The answer to this is a resounding no, as you do not have the training and expertise to handle a legal claim, especially one that is not simple. Google cannot give you the same result as a professional lawyer. Google cannot arm you with the ins and outs that the insurance companies are ready to pounce with. Would you Google a surgery procedure and attempt it yourself? That would be crazy, right? Just because the information is there, it doesn’t mean you will be able to apply it to a legal claim. It is as simple as filing a form wrong or misspeaking that can lead you down a path that will negatively affect your case.

A mistake that those who represent themselves make is that they get worried that an offer will decrease. Insurance companies will use pressure to make you think this will be the best offer you will receive from them. It is in a sense a game, a waiting game at that. But without an attorney, people will play right into the insurance company’s hands and leave money on the table, which will go right back to the insurance company’s investors and stockholders, leaving you holding the bag for the damages that you weren’t compensated for.

It is true that many people have represented themselves and received compensation for their claims. However, you have to wonder how much better off they would have been with an experienced lawyer on their side? I have successfully helped many get the maximum compensation they deserve and fought for it every step of the way.

What if I were to tell you that you can I hire my law office for no money upfront and no out of pocket costs? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  But it’s not!  We will not take a dime from you until the case is over and we have settled your claim. And if your case is not won, you will not be responsible for any fees at all! That’s 100 percent correct: we will successfully handle your case, or we won’t get even a penny!

We are here for you; you are the reason we do what we do! Let us help during this incredibly stressful time!   It all starts when you contact my office at 888-590-5510 for a free, no obligation consultation. Let Kim Welch Law be a Bulldog for you!