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Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Kim Welch is the
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fighting For You

Insurance companies hope you don’t hire Kim Welch Law as your Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer. After years spent defending the insurance companies, Kim now uses that experience to fight for you. She understands how unfairly insurance companies view motorcycles. She is the Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer who will successfully investigate and negotiate your case with the insurance companies. For those who have been in a motorcycle accident involving a Semi-Truck or Loose cargo from a commercial vehicle click here.

Kim Welch is Your

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The Las Vegas area boasts some of the most popular motorcycle rides in the state, but when accidents happen you need a top motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. According to the Nevada Traffic Safety Crash Facts, the majority of Nevada Motorcycle crashes involved a motorcycle being struck by another motor vehicle. Kim Welch Law understands insurance companies view motorcycles unfairly. As your motorcycle accident lawyer, Kim will fight for you.

Kim Welch is Your

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Sometimes motorcycle accidents in Las Vegas occur when people ride irresponsibly and fail to adhere to traffic laws, but when other drivers are negligent and thoughtlessly cause an accident, you need a motorcycle accident attorney working for you. Common motorcycle accidents include:

  • Side-swipe collisions: when drivers merge into a motorcyclist’s lane causing a collision with the motorcyclist.
  • Rear-end crashes: when a driver behind the rider does not see the motorcycle and fails to break in time or brakes too hard in front of a motorcyclist.
  • Left-turn crashes:  when a driver doesn’t see the motorcycle and turns in front of or into the motorcycle in an oncoming lane.

No matter your situation, Kim Welch Law is the premier motorcycle accident attorney working for you in Las Vegas.

Kim Welch is Your

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

Kim Welch Law is the best motorcycle injury lawyer Las Vegas can offer. No matter the severity of your accident or injury, Kim Welch is ready to work for you. Common rider injuries following an accident can include severe cuts and scrapes from road rash, separated joints, broken bones from the point of impact, traumatic brain injuries, mental distress, and death. While riding a motorcycle increases your risks, Kim Welch Law believes that motorcyclists deserve the same care as every other driver on the road. She will fight the insurance companies to receive a fair settlement so you can focus on recovery.


Helpful Answers
I was involved in a motorcycle accident. What should I do?

Call 911 immediately and get medical attention if needed. When possible, collect information from every person involved, including witnesses. Document the accident scene and vehicles with pictures. Explain the basic facts of the accident with law enforcement. Call Kim Welch Law to represent you and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Do I need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas?

Kim will help assess the full impact of the accident on your life to pursue a correct settlement from the insurance company. Without Kim Welch Law, you are at the mercy of the insurance company investigation and unfair settlement offer.

Who is liable for a motorcycle accident?

Nevada has a modified comparative negligence system to prove who is responsible for the crash. Courts award damages according to the percentage of negligence of the plaintiff and defendant.


Words From Our Clients

After being involved in my first car accident, I didn’t know where to begin the legal process until I came across Kim and her team. They were truly amazing. Not only are they very professional, but also they care for their clients.

Alyssa Gonzales

I could not be more thankful for Kim and her team! She is hands down the best representation to have for your car accident / injury case. Kim doesn’t back down and she doesn’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Amber Hammond

Kim and her staff explained everything that needed to happen to file a claim, kept me informed, handled paying the bills (which were significant) and most importantly understood and advocated for us

Joan Huntley