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What is insurance bad faith?

Under Colorado law, insurance bad faith is proven when you can show that an insurance company is refusing to pay on a policyholder’s legitimate claim or is delaying the payment on a claim for an unreasonable period of time.

Bad faith insurance can involve all kinds of situations including homeowner claims, property and health insurance and all other kinds of insurance policies. Hiring bad faith attorneys can be a great help. 

After suffering a loss, it can be disheartening to discover that the insurance you’ve paid into, sometimes for many years, suddenly refuses to cover your losses and help make you whole again. Refusing to pay a claim, failing to process it efficiently and in a timely manner, negotiating down the value of your losses – these are all common situations people face too often.

What happens when insurance bad faith is proven.

Colorado law allows you to sue your insurance company when the insurer refuses to pay on a valid claim or unnecessarily delays payment.

Your recovery from the insurance company, besides payment on your actual insurance claim, can include economic losses you’ve sustained because of the delay in payment, as well as punitive damages when it’s found that the insurance company’s conduct was egregious.

Sometimes, the punitive damages that an insurance company would have to pay you can be a considerable amount of money. That’s why you need bad faith attorneys. 

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