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Kim Welch is a Bulldog fighting for You.

Accidents can turn your life upside down, causing stress and emotional turmoil on top of any physical injuries. It may take months or even years to heal, and a lifetime to return to normal.  There’s a chance you’ll face severe financial struggles with medical bills, loss of wages and lowered earning potential. 

Accident victims have the legal right to pursue compensation from insurance companies and the at fault parties. The legal process may feel daunting until the law firm of Kim Welch Law begins fighting for you! Kim Welch is a bulldog in and out of the courtroom, and she is a former insurance defense attorney, which means she knows the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate.

Experience is the Difference

What Sets Kim Welch Apart

Kim Welch and her team have in depth knowledge in handling accident and injury cases as a truck accident lawyer, a car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs, a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, a motorcycle accident lawyer, a slip and fall lawyer, a dog bite lawyer, and a pedestrian accident attorney. No matter what legal battle for an injury claim you are facing, Kim Welch Law is the law firm you need on your side.

Seasoned Professional

Kim has over 29 years of legal experience and understands the complexity of insurance cases as a former defense attorney for the insurance industry.

Former Defense for the Insurance Companies

Kim knows all the tricks insurance companies use against victims and will fight for fair treatment and compensation.

Fighter for Victims

Kim Welch treats her clients with compassion and understanding while aggressively battling on their behalf.

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Kim Welch is Your

Accident Attorney Colorado Springs & Las Vegas

Kim Welch is the accident attorney you need fighting for you in Colorado Springs and Las Vegas. She has over 29 years of legal experience, and, as a former defense attorney for the insurance industry, Kim understands the complexity of insurance cases. She knows all the tricks insurance companies use against victims. She brings her in depth legal experience in the insurance industry to aid victims fighting for fair treatment and compensation. In fact, it was the insurance companies that named her the bulldog! She now uses that experience and attitude to the advantage of her clients.

Kim Welch and her team treats her clients with compassion and understanding, while aggressively battling on their behalf.  With Kim Welch Law on your side, you know someone is relentlessly fighting for you.  They will guide you through the legal process step by step and carefully answer all your questions.  You can trust that your case takes precedent, while Kim methodically pieces together a strategy to help you win.  Being the victim of an accident can make you feel overwhelmed while healing and getting your life back to normal.  With Kim Welch Law on your side, you can focus on healing with the peace of mind that a very experienced and compassionate accident attorney in Colorado Springs is fighting on your side.

Kim Welch is Your

Insurance Disputes Lawyer

Insurance companies commonly mishandle personal injury claims and accidents.  When you are traumatized and healing from an accident, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your own insurance company will mishandle your case.  Insurance companies act in bad faith when they delay payment without a reasonable explanation or deny a claim with no valid justification.  If you disagree with an insurance company’s decision or handling of your claim, you have the right to fight  for what is fair and reasonable.

Kim Welch knows the ins and outs of the legal system related to insurance companies because she used to defend them.  Now Kim fights for clients every day so that they receive adequate compensation.  She understands the delay tactics used and does not allow them to go unchallenged.  Even if insurance companies are not acting in bad faith, they do not always offer fair settlements.  Kim fights for the adequate compensation her clients are entitled to under the law and does not allow insurance companies to avoid paying.

Kim Welch is Your

Catastrophic Injury Attorney

One of the most catastrophic injuries an accident victim can suffer is a traumatic brain injury.  It is vital to hire Kim Welch Law as a catastrophic injury attorney to represent you for your personal injury case.  Kim understands the obstacles a catastrophic injury can present and will fight for the compensation you deserve.  No matter the cause, catastrophic injuries forever change the lives of the victim and the victim’s family and friends.  While the victim heals, they need emotional and financial support to pay for medical bills, therapy, and rehabilitation.  People who were reckless or negligent deserve to be held accountable.  Kim Welch Law will fight for fair compensation so a victim and family can focus on healing from catastrophic injuries, while they handle the legal ins and outs.


Words From Our Clients

After being involved in my first car accident, I didn’t know where to begin the legal process until I came across Kim and her team. They were truly amazing. Not only are they very professional, but also they care for their clients.

Alyssa Gonzales

I could not be more thankful for Kim and her team! She is hands down the best representation to have for your car accident / injury case. Kim doesn’t back down and she doesn’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Amber Hammond

Kim and her staff explained everything that needed to happen to file a claim, kept me informed, handled paying the bills (which were significant) and most importantly understood and advocated for us

Joan Huntley