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 What Will It Cost Me to Hire an Accident Attorney?

Kim Welch: A Contingency Fee Lawyer On Your Side

An accident attorney will take a percentage of the recovery from the insurance and will not charge any upfront costs.  The most common attorney fee agreements are fixed/flat rate fees, hourly fees  and contingency fees.  Unless you have had to hire an attorney before, most people don’t know in that you will agree to how your attorney will be paid before you hire the attorney, and, for some types of cases, especially injury claims, attorneys will offer a free consultation.  Free! So what do you have to lose other than a little time?

What exactly is a contingency fee agreement? This means the attorney will only be paid if there is money recovered. Or to put it more simply, you will not pay a dime out of pocket at any time!

It is estimated that there are about 5 million plus car accidents per year in the United States alone. Of which, 3.5 million people are injured or die. Those represented by an attorney typically receive 3.5 times as much as those that choose to represent themselves.  An attorney will pay for him or herself without a doubt and you won’t have the hassle and stress of dealing with the ins and outs of a legal claim, which you undoubtedly will not know how to navigate effectively and will likely cost yourself a lot more money than you will even pay an attorney.

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