Colorado Springs Bike Accident Lawyer

Do You Need a Colorado Springs Bike Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been hurt as a bicyclist as a result of the negligence or intentional act of another, contacting a Colorado Springs Bike Accident lawyer can determine if you are eligible for a settlement.  Colorado law makes it possible to sue the person or entity that caused your bike accident injuries.

Why the number of Colorado bicycle accidents are increasing.

With growing concerns about climate change, more people are choosing to go green and ride bikes as part of their personal and work lives. With skyrocketing gas prices, sometimes commuting by bike is an economic decision.

With more bicyclists on the road, there are more opportunities for accidents and injuries at the hands of drivers who are careless, distracted or even sometimes, aggressive.

In addition to careless, distracted or road-raging motorists, a bicyclist may be injured by poorly maintained bike lanes, poor street design and other road or parking lot maintenance failures.

For example, tree roots may cause sidewalks to buckle and those responsible for the maintenance of that sidewalk must be careful not to let the problem to become dangerous to others. In Colorado’s frigid winters, governmental entities may in some circumstances may be responsible for bike injuries caused by ice or snow.

What kind of injuries might be suffered by a person injured in a bicycling accident?

Bicycle accident injuries can range from the minor to the tragic and cause permanent or long-term impacts to quality of life, professional development and family relations.

The injuries from a bike accident are often significant. Brain injuries, broken bones, road rash, permanent scarring happen often. These types of injuries are why contacting an experienced Colorado Springs Bike Accident Lawyer is so important.

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