Kim Welch has nearly 30 years of experience fighting for her clients. If you’re in Colorado Springs, Las Vegas or the surrounding areas and you’ve been injured by a DUI driver, it’s critical you contact Kim Welch Law immediately. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Kim Welch is prepared to fight for you and your case. Our team understands how scary it is to be hit by someone driving under the influence. To help guide you during this overwhelming time, we’ve created a list of everything you need to know about fighting a personal injury claim for this situation.

As one of the most sought after personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs and Las Vegas, Kim Welch prides herself on supporting and advising her clients in order to help them receive the compensation they deserve. For nearly 30 years, Kim Welch Law has been helping individuals during some of the most difficult times in their lives. From truck accidents to dog bite incidents, Kim Welch has the experience necessary to help you successfully fight for your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve.

At Kim Welch Law, the team believes part of supporting their clients is being available to thoroughly answer all of their questions. Whether an individual is unsure about the details of a settlement offer, or someone wants to learn more about what exactly a personal injury lawyer does, our team is here to answer all of your questions. A common question we’re asked by individuals is if it’s possible to switch personal injury lawyers without having to pay a bunch of additional money. Yes, it is possible to switch lawyers for no additional fees in many instances. Unfortunately, many people become dissatisfied with their legal representation situation, and they are eager to have our law firm represent them. Understandably, they’re concerned about the financial impact of switching lawyers. Our team is here to help you understand the logistics of switching lawyers, and how it’s possible to do so without paying any additional fees in most situations.

Common Reasons For Replacing Your Lawyer

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for an individual who’s fighting their personal injury case to become unhappy with their legal counsel. While everyone’s situation is unique, a few reasons why someone may want to hire a new personal injury lawyer include:

  • Attorney is difficult to reach
  • Individual may feel their case isn’t receiving proper attention
  • A conflict of interest is uncovered that was not previously disclosed by the attorney
  • Deadlines are missed
  • The attorney has failed to disclose a strategic plan
  • Clients don’t find out about hearings until the last minute, if at all
  • Counsel seems unorganized and distracted
  • An individual strongly disagrees with their lawyer’s advice

Will Switching Lawyers Cost Me A Lot Of Money?

If you feel your personal injury lawyer isn’t equipped to handle your case and represent you, it’s important to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with. The biggest factor that holds many people back from switching their lawyers is the possible added costs. Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to switch lawyers at no cost. In many cases, if you disclose your situation to your new lawyer and explain the reasoning behind your decisions, your new lawyer will cover any expenses your old lawyer is holding over your head. Your old lawyer and new lawyer will work out your situation without getting you involved, it’s a win-win!

Be aware that some lawyers will try and keep you from firing them by threatening you with unpaid bills. If your old lawyer is refusing to accept your attempts to terminate them, and is demanding payment, your new legal team will help you so you’re able to leave the situation peacefully. To help make the transition of switching personal injury lawyers easier, follow these steps:

  1. Read your contract/agreement thoroughly.
      • The best way to be prepared for firing your lawyer is to understand exactly what is expected of you according to your contract/agreement. Feel free to seek advice from your potential new lawyer because they can help you better understand your contract/agreement.
  2. Hire a new lawyer.
      • You don’t want to be in the middle of your personal injury case without a lawyer by your side. Make sure to hire a new lawyer as soon as you can, especially if your old one isn’t doing their job.
  3. Fire your lawyer in writing.
      • One of the most important aspects of firing a lawyer is having it in writing. Your new lawyer can take care of this for you so that you have written proof of termination.

Receive The Legal Representation You Deserve With Kim Welch Law

If you’re unhappy with your current personal injury lawyer, don’t hesitate to hire our team and receive dependable, thorough legal representation. At Kim Welch Law, we’re passionate about supporting our clients and diligently fighting their personal injury cases. If your current legal situation isn’t meeting your standards, we’ll help you transition from your old lawyer to our legal team. If you’re ready to be represented the way you deserve, then contact our office today. We look forward to fighting for you and your personal injury case!