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 Insurance companies are good at delay, deny, and defend, which is why you need an experienced lawyer!

An Experienced Lawyer That Knows the Ways of Sneaky Insurance Agencies

There’s simply no denying that Insurance companies are good at delay, deny, and defend tactics. It’s part of their core training program. They are a business after all is said and done. And the sickening truth, despite all the commercials about how they are there for you, is it’s a for profit business and it boils down to money.

Some tactics they use are things such as asking for information and documents that they are not entitled to be provided at the pre-litigation stage of the claim, such as a medical authorization or your past medical history; not disclosing the information and documents to you that they are supposed to disclose under the law; and telling you that you don’t need a lawyer because they will take care of you, which is code for they won’t!

They will delay claim handling by pretending to be working on your claim. However, without an experienced lawyer, there is no one to hold their feet to the fire.

Denying a claim will benefit the company, so, if they can, BELIEVE they will. Time is of the essence; you only have so much time to file a claim and there could be more than one deadline/ Insurance companies use this to their advantage over people whom don’t know better.

Lastly, the insurance companies will go on to the defend tactics. This is where they pull out all the stops to not to pay you what your claim is worth. Attempting to deny there was sufficient coverage. Looking to see if their insured party can suddenly be disqualified for coverage. Saying that you really did not get hurt as badly as you got hurt and claiming to know more you’re your doctors!  Anything they can do to deny your claim, they will!

These are just a few of the reasons that you need an experienced lawyer at your side protecting your interests.  Please contact my office at 888-590-5510 for a free no obligation consultation and let me be a Bulldog for you!

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