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 Eldery client sustains injuries in motor vehicle accident

Case Study: Motor vehicle accident yields six figure settlement

Overview of Motor vehicle accident in Colorado:

When an elderly client sustained serious injuries from a motor vehicle accident in Colorado, they contacted Kim Welch Law, Personal Injury & Accident Attorney for help navigating their medical and insurance claim. The elderly client sustained shoulder injuries in the motor vehicle accident and was struggling with the insurance claim. Hiring Kim Welch Law to navigate the claim for the motor vehicle accident helped the elderly client net a six-figure settlement and maximize the policy limits of the insured party.

Settlement for Elderly client gets settlement in shoulder injury case:

Not every case yields a large settlement, but when an elderly client got into a motor vehicle accident, Kim Welch Law was able to get a six figure settlement. The client suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgery and the horrific nature of the accident also contributed to maximizing the settlement of $125,000.

About Kim Welch Law:

Hire a local Colorado injury lawyer to fight on your behalf.  With over 29 years of experience in Colorado, Kim Welch Law is the personal injury lawyer you need fighting for you. As a former insurance company defense attorney, she has an extensive understanding of how the insurance companies take advantage of injured peoples’ desperation with lowball settlements or by denying claims.  She fights for total compensation and holds insurance companies and defendants accountable for preventable accidents.

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Anyone can suffer an accident at any time.  Contacting an injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident can mean the difference between a sizeable financial compensation and an unfair settlement.

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