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 Can I Continue to Drive My Car After an Accident in Colorado?


Driving Your Car After An Accident

Being in a car accident in Colorado is a stressful experience, but it can be even more overwhelming when there is damage to your vehicle. One of the main concerns many accident victims have is if their vehicle is still drivable. As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure that your car is safe to drive. If it is not safe, but you still drive it, you may be liable for any further damages or accidents you cause. 

Vehicle repairs can be costly. You might also have hefty medical bills piling up, only adding to your financial burden. When another driver’s negligent actions caused the car accident, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation. Receiving compensation may be hard to do on your own, so contact Kim Welch Law

Questions to Ask Before Driving Your Car after an Accident 

Your safety and the safety of others are more important than driving your own car somewhere. If you have any doubt regarding your vehicle’s safety, it is best to call a tow company. Remember, if you drive a damaged car after an accident and are in another crash, you may lose the chance of pursuing compensation. Even if you can safely operate your vehicle after an accident, you should still have a mechanic examine it. They may find further damage that may make it dangerous to drive. 

Before driving your vehicle after a crash, ask yourself these five questions.

Are the Headlights and Taillights Working Properly?

Before driving your damaged vehicle, it is essential to check and see if you have any lighting problems. Driving with a broken taillight, headlamp, or lens is dangerous for yourself and others on the road. You may not see oncoming traffic, and they may not see you. Driving with a broken light is also illegal, and a police officer may pull you over. 

Are the Side Mirrors Broken? 

A vehicle is still drivable if the driver’s side mirror is still intact and one of the other mirrors work. However, if both mirrors, or only the driver’s side mirror are damaged, a police officer may pull you over. Additionally, it is dangerous to drive without functional mirrors, and you may cause another crash. 

Are There any Leaking Fluids? 

Leaking fluid from any part of the vehicle could be a significant safety concern. For example, there may be a coolant or antifreeze leak, which might cause the engine to overheat. Oil leaks may lead to engine damage, and a brake fluid leak could cause brake failure. All of these leaks are highly dangerous and may cause further harm. If you notice leaking fluid from your vehicle, call a tow truck. 

Are the Wheels Properly Aligned? 

It is crucial to ensure that the wheels are correctly aligned after a car crash. If they are, and there are no other noticeable issues, your car might be safe to drive. Remember, faulty wheel alignment can cause the vehicle to pull off to one side, increasing your chances of swerving into a different lane. 

Can the Hood Buckle and Lock Properly? 

Before driving your vehicle again, check your vehicle’s hood to ensure the locking mechanism still works. If the hood is damaged, air pressure can build up and cause the hood to open when driving. A popped hood when driving will decrease your visibility, possibly causing a crash. 

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Property damage costs and medical bills can quickly add up after a Colorado car crash. When another driver’s negligent actions caused your losses, contact the car accident attorneys at Kim Welch Law. We pride ourselves on providing solid legal representation for every aspect of your case from start to finish. You can be confident that our team will do everything possible to secure a fair settlement. To schedule a free consultation, call (888) 590-5510 or complete our contact form