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 Can I Change My Attorneys If I Am Unhappy With My Personal Injury Attorney?

Yes, You Can Change Personal Injury Attorneys

It is quite common for someone who is making a personal injury claim because of an accident to start working with an attorney that isn’t right for them. If this describes you, don’t worry, you are not alone!

There are a lot of people who aren’t happy with their attorneys. Not just that, but a lot of these people don’t realize that you can change your attorney if you want to. You have a right to choose the attorney that you want to represent you in your case, even though you have signed a contract. This is because the contract (or fee agreement as it is commonly called) is not set in stone.

Whether you are struggling with communication, you don’t work well with your attorney, or you believe that they are failing to represent your needs – you have a right to swap to a new attorney. If you have had an accident in either Colorado or Nevada and this describes you, I am available for a free consultation to look into taking over your case.

I’ve found that people often don’t change attorneys because they are worried:

  • That it will be a lot of extra work for them to deal with.
  • Their case will get set back by a few days/weeks/months, delaying the end result
  • How much it would cost to move the case to a new attorney?

In reality, there is very little extra work for you to do, the case normally isn’t interrupted and there will not be extra attorney’s fees for you to pay. In this article, I answer all these concerns with some detail. To help you figure out “should I change my attorney if I am unhappy with my current personal injury attorney.”

Should I change my personal injury attorney?

This question must be answered on a case by case basis. Your circumstances are personal, and so giving a straight “yes” or “no” wouldn’t be right. But, below are four questions to ask yourself. If you answer ”yes” to any of these questions, then you should call us at (888) 590-5510 to see if moving your case to Kim Welch Law is the right thing to do.

Is your current attorney bad at returning phone calls?

This is a huge frustration for many clients who switch attorneys. Lots of people wait for days to have their call returned, if at all. And when and IF they DO hear back from their attorney (and not just a staff member), often their question is not answered… or at least not answered sufficiently.

Your attorney should be keeping open lines of communication with you. You are the client, and this is your case. Keeping you informed and helping to answer your questions is extremely important. If your attorney isn’t answering questions satisfactorily or returning your calls, then you should consider moving your case to a new attorney.

Is your current attorney not replying to your emails?

Another communication issue. If your attorney takes days or weeks to reply to you, there could be a big problem. If there are any updates in your case, then your attorney should be keeping you informed. They should also be informing you promptly.

Even if there aren’t any updates to report, a little bit of communication is still important. Going weeks without hearing anything can be really disconcerting. If you are left wondering and worrying, then you may need to move to an attorney with better communication skills.

Are they not prepared for big meetings/important dates?

If your attorney is showing up to depositions or court dates and hasn’t prepared, then this is a huge red flag! You may not be as obviously unhappy as you are with the communication issues, but it is something to keep an eye out for.

Are they not living up to the set expectations?

I hear it so often that people hire attorneys based on their wonderful success stories and lavish claims… but there are times when this doesn’t translate to your case at all. Now, this could be due to several factors, not only inability. It could be that they don’t have experience in your type of claim, there could be personal issues going on, etc.

If your attorney fails to meet your expectations, you have a right to work with someone who can and will meet them.

When you interview new attorneys, ask them about their experience with your type of case. Ask for full transparency and all the information that you need to feel more comfortable with your future attorney. Learn from your current circumstances to find the best attorney for you.

Does it cost anything to change attorneys?

Changing attorneys doesn’t cost you anything extra. This is because we will arrange a division of the original fee between the law firms.

Arranging the payment is done through between the two (or more) attorneys with what is called an attorney’s lien. We will make an agreement that will compensate your old attorney for the work that they have done but still make sure that we are paid for the work that we will do. This way, it is completely fair for everyone. You don’t have to pay more than you already have agreed to pay; your current attorney will be paid for starting your case, and we will be paid for finishing it.

This isn’t something that you need to think about as our client. All you need to know is that changing attorneys won’t cost you anything extra.

As your new attorney, I do this for you to make sure that the process is as easy and streamlined for you as possible. You have been through enough already, and I will fight like a bulldog to ensure that you work with an attorney who is on your side and get you the compensation that you deserve.

If you are considering changing your attorneys, then call Kim Welch Law today at (888) 590-5510 for a free consultation. Or you can complete the contact form on my website. We can arrange an in-person consultation or a virtual consultation over the phone or over Zoom to discuss what has happened and why you’re unhappy with your current lawyer. I’ll then talk you through the process, step by step, and help you start to make the change.

My aim is to make this transition as easy and as smooth as possible for you. I will represent your best interests and explain exactly what is happening each step of the way.

How hard is it to change my attorney?

Changing attorneys is something that really requires very little effort on your part (except for finding the right attorney for you and your claim. This bit usually requires a little bit of work). The bulk of the work is carried out between your current and future attorney communicating with each other to transfer your claim.

What to do next if you want to change your personal injury attorney?

If you are making a personal injury claim, and the accident happened in the states of Colorado or Nevada, then get in touch with Kim Welch Law today.

Trusting your attorney is one of the most important parts of a personal injury claim. You need a lawyer that you are happy with, who communicates well with you, and that you have the confidence in to maximize your claim.

I have decades of experience in personal injury law, both working for insurance companies and against them, representing you. I use this unique experience of both sides of the system to provide the best service possible to all my clients. So speak to me today for advice around your claim and changing attorneys. I look forward to helping you.