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 4 Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Colorado and How to Mitigate Your Risk

The Top 4 Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Colorado

There are over 100,000 car crashes in Colorado each year, resulting in tens of thousands of injuries. These wounds can impact victims for weeks and years to come, but safe driving can go a long way in reducing the risk of you and your family sustaining injuries and accumulating medical bills.

Driving remains the most popular mode of transportation in the U.S., and accidents are unfortunately inevitable. With some precautionary measures, you may be able to minimize damages. We have created a list of four of the most common injuries we see in Colorado after a car accident and how you might be able to prevent them.

How to Mitigate the Risk of Incurring Common Car Crash Injuries

Injuries sustained in car accidents can range from tiny self-healing abrasions to severe trauma that could lead to fatality. By knowing what injuries could occur from an accident, drivers are better able to use more caution.


Commonly caused by rear-end car accidents, whiplash occurs when the neck is forced back-and-forth in a rapid motion, like the cracking of a whip. Although this injury can occur in low-speed collisions, it has the potential to cause severe damage to ligaments and muscles in the neck. Prevent whiplash by:

  • Keeping your head restraint properly positioned: It should be about 3 inches from the back of your head and the top of the restraint should sit at the level between the top of your ears and head.
  • Sitting upright and facing forward: Your head restraint won’t be able to help you if you’re leaning to one side when the impact occurs.
  • Wearing a seatbelt: This vehicle safety device works the hardest to prevent injuries sustained in car accidents.
  • Maintaining a safe distance: This way, if you need to stop suddenly, you won’t need to slam on your breaks and surprise the drivers behind you.

Whiplash usually heals itself within a few weeks of treatment, but some people can suffer complications for months or even years after the accident.

Head Injuries

Often called the “silent” injury because the damage isn’t usually visible through bruises or other physical symptoms, injuries to the head can be some of the most serious. Friends and family should be on the lookout for any changes in behavior like mood swings, memory problems, or changes in personality after a crash. Avoid injuries to the head by keeping good posture and wearing your seatbelt at all times.

Scrapes and Cuts

Even the smallest pieces of broken glass can cause a great deal of damage in a car accident. When the skin is penetrated, it can leave the body open to complications like infections and blood loss. To reduce the number of cuts or scrapes during a motor vehicle accident, keep loose objects in your car to a minimum or secure them to decrease the risk of getting hit by projectiles.

Back Injuries

Sufferers of back injuries can endure chronic pain and soreness long after the accident. In severe cases, damage to the spinal cord could affect a victim’s nervous system and leave them paralyzed. The best way to prevent an injury to your back and spine is to sit upright and practice good posture while riding in the car.

Get a Trusted Colorado Springs Accident Attorney on Your Side

Injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents can vary and can happen to virtually any part of your body. Depending on the circumstances of the collision and severity of impact, injuries can be visible, such as bruises or broken teeth, or invisible, such as pulled muscles or traumatic brain injuries. No matter what type of injury you’re dealing with, Kim Welch Law knows how to defend your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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